1.  Lexington County: A soulful ballad baring the feelings of young man confused about his future, seeking

refuge and reassurance from his lover and his love of the outdoors. Background vocals by the “Nappy

Choir” give this tune cathedral acoustics.

2.  Hoe Cake: The story of growing up on a farm with loving parents, wrapped in a little country ditty

complete with banjo and hand clapping.

3.  Willis and Janice: A love song sharing the hopes and dreams of a young couple as they embark on their

new journey as husband and wife. Country twang winds up with a little jazzy swing at the end.

4.  Questions is: There are several movements in this suite, which include a beautiful piano “soliloquy”;

encouragement from one drinking buddy to another; a Monday morning ; a subtle lovers triangle; and

finally some hot instrumental work during a driving closing vamp.

5.  South Country Boy: Reconnecting with one’s inner self during a weekend at a rustic cabin secluded in

the woods, featuring some nice acoustic and steel guitar counterpoint.

6.  One Week Gone: Finding “the one” can be a confusing and hurtful experience. Haunting female

harmonies and mandolin make for a melancholy ambiance.

7.  Closer: An optimistic view of the future shared with good friends. The chorus has a little Rhythm and

Blues shuffle, accentuated with some “beachy” horn riffs, that make you want to get up and Shag.

8.  Hometown Feeling: A conversation with and about the folks back home with promises made and kept,

showcasing a pumping bass and some fiery electric and steel guitar.

9.  Like the Children: Pensive moments of reflection and philosophical musings about life. A simple and

uncluttered tune, the writer accompanies himself on piano.


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