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Proceeds from the sale of this CD will be donated to the CART fund for Alzheimer’s research.

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1. Last Night I Had a Dream About You (Dave Fuller): Two lover’s quarrel, resulting in a break up. A dream, however, brings one of the pair to the realization they belong together.

2. Closer (Johnny Hilton): An optimistic view of the future shared with good friends. A rhythm and blues shuffle on the chorus makes you want to get up and shag!

3. Looking for a Home (Donnie Rhodes): We all need to be with someone that make us feel loved, accepted, and needed. That search is not always easy.

4. Woodrow (Johnny Hilton): Sometimes the most simple things and gestures are the ones that give life real meaning as we strive to be all we can be and glean the most from each day.

5. Good Looking Woman (Johnny Hilton): As many soon learn, “beauty’s only skin deep” and “the queen of hearts is always your best bet.”

6. Tighter (Donnie Rhodes): More truthfulness and trust are usually the best medicine for a relationship that’s not going well.

7. A Gift For You (Johnny Hilton) Feelings and relationships are more important than possessions. The best gifts are always one’s love and time.

8. Never Never Land (Johnny Hilton) Take a journey though a land of dreams and fantasy that may have a promise of true love and happiness ever after.

9. Baby Bird (Frank Smoak) A haunting melody folded around a story of innocence, naiveté and young love that most likely won’t last.

10. Let’s Talk Some (Johnny Hilton) This Bluesy petition for some good loving holds a somewhat tentative promise for the future. Very tasteful and classic instrumental work.

11. South Country Boy (Johnny Hilton) The dreams of a young man don’t always match up with those of his lover or his family.

12. Question Is (Johnny Hilton) This suite includes encouragement from one drinking buddy to another; a Monday morning appointment; and a subtle lover’s triangle.

13. Hoe Cake (Johnny Hilton) The story of growing up on a farm with loving parents who were always forgiving, wrapped in a little country ditty.

14. Fast Boogie (Frank Smoak) Classic blues lyrics with timeless boogie guitar riffs and nuance as only Frank could provide so impeccably.