Find My Way Back Home

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Proceeds from the sale of this CD will be donated to the CART fund for Alzheimer’s research.

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1. Everything to me – A love song that paints a beautiful portrait of all the reasons why a man loves his lady.

2. Sweet Secrets – This lament shares the pain of being too shy to approach the object of one’s affection who is so strikingly beautiful.

3. Last Night I Had a Dream – Two lovers quarrel, resulting in a break-up. A dream, however, brings one of the pair to realize they belong together.

4. Nip Sip – A Shag classic, describing the joy found in spending time with one’s sweetheart and friends, dancing, drinking and partying the night away.

5. Find My Way Back Home – The story of a young man trying to find himself and his place in the world, only to discover that home and family are the things that truly define our identify and make us who were are.

6. Story of the Blues – A little too much alcohol the night before makes for a huge surprise and some unpleasantness the next morning when “my wife came walking in.”

7. Ooh Baby Baby – This classic love song shares the pain felt when one has been unfaithful, then realizing his mistake, begs to regain the trust of the one he truly love.

8. When You Love What You’re Doing – Life is so much better when we are engaged and involved with people, places, and activities that we love.

9. Aine’ – Sometimes we get a second chance at love with someone we loved before.

10. Quiet Place – A Beach Music standard, the story of a young man, down on his luck, seeking peace and quiet from the noises and intrusions of life in the city.

11. Baby Bird – This haunting melody is folded around a story of innocence, naivete’, and young love that most likely won’t last.

12. Me and Bobby McGee – A rock classic sharing the perplexing mood and mindset of so many during the sixties, a yearning for freedom yet feeling the deep human need to love and be connected.

13. True Blue – It is possible to find love the second time around, and it’s actually so much better once we learn that the best lovers are those that are really our “true blue friends.”